Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync is a program from Google that will keep the files you choose stored on your computer in sync with a backup in Google Drive.

If you are already signed into Google Chrome with your district email, you can skip down to the installation section

Before we touch Backup and Sync, make sure you are signed into Google Chrome with your school account. Signing into Google Chrome allows you to use Google sync which syncs bookmarks across devices. It also makes setting up Backup and Sync a bit easier.

The first time you open Chrome, there will be a link that prompts you to sign in.

Click on it and enter your district email e.g. Click “Link Data” on the pop-up that appears and then “Yes, I'm in!” on the next pop-up. That completes signing into Chrome.

If you are swapping computers and have saved bookmarks, they should appear after you close and re-open Chrome.

Before you begin trying to install, look for the icon below in the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you see it, that means Backup and Sync is already running. You can click on the icon to manage your preferences.

Google Backup and Sync is pre-installed on your district laptop. If it is not you can install it via Self Service.

For information about installing software on your district Macintosh computer please reference: Using Self Service

Once Backup and Sync is installed you can launch it from your Applications folder, Dock, or by searching for it using Spotlight(the little magnifying glass icon in the top right of your screen), then skip down to the Configuration section of this page and follow the instructions on configuring Backup and Sync. If you are having trouble finding and launching Backup and Sync, please look here.

Google Backup and Sync is pre installed on your district Windows computer. If it is not please open a Helpdesk ticket

To configure it go to your Start Menu and type “Backup and Sync” and click on the Backup and Sync from Google icon to begin.

On the first page click “GET STARTED

You will then be asked to sign in. Because you should already be signed into Chrome, the easiest way to do this in to click on “Sign in with your browser instead” on the bottom. This will open a web page. Click on your district email address. Then click “Allow”. You are now signed into Backup and Sync.

You will now need to select which folders you would like to sync with your Google Drive.

Click “GOT IT” then check off which folders you want to sync. If there is a specific folder you want to sync that you don't see you can click the “CHOOSE FOLDER” link and navigate to that folder.

Once you have selected all your folders click “NEXT

Next you need to decide if you want files that are already in your Google Drive to sync to a “Google Drive” folder on your computer. If you are unsure if you have enough free space, uncheck “Sync My Drive to this computer”. You can always access these files through the website.

Click “GOT IT” then choose what you would like to do. Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of storage on your local computer but unlimited storage on your Google Drive, so you may have more in your Google Drive than can fit on your computer. If you are unsure whether you have enough room uncheck the box (although Google will not let you sync more data than your computer can hold). However, it will completely fill your laptop's hard drive so heed any warnings that you may receive.

Right Click the Google Drive Icon in your Home Folder and Click “Make Alias”

Click and Drag the “Google Drive Alias” to your Desktop. This will create the shortcut.

Click the Backup and Sync cloud icon in upper right tool bar.

Then Click the 3 dots and select “Add New Account”.

For information on filling out the sign in windows that follow, scroll back to the top of this page.

If you have issues that are not covered by the documentation please visit the Helpdesk.

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