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 {{:​selfhelp:​mac:​itunesbu01.png?​400|}} {{:​selfhelp:​mac:​itunesbu01.png?​400|}}
 {{:​selfhelp:​mac:​itunesbu02.png?​200|}}\\ {{:​selfhelp:​mac:​itunesbu02.png?​200|}}\\
 +In the Preferences window select **Devices** along top. This will open a window where you can select and delete your backups. We also recommend clicking the check box next to **Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically** so that new devices won't do this as well.
 {{:​selfhelp:​mac:​itunesbu03.png?​400|}} {{:​selfhelp:​mac:​itunesbu03.png?​400|}}
 {{:​selfhelp:​mac:​itunesbu04.png?​400|}}\\ {{:​selfhelp:​mac:​itunesbu04.png?​400|}}\\
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